Vanity Ideas & Inspiration

Vanities, the foundation of rooms throughout the house. Each has its own personality and style that should reflect the identity of their owner. Which is why the process of picking out and customising a vanity can be such an exciting part of designing your bathroom. Down to the legs of the unit and details of the patterns in the drawers, the vanity should be the centre of all attention, nothing is as singularly customisable as a vanity and nothing is as unique as you are which gives buyers the opportunity to become artists with their own choice of style, colour and material. The possibilities are endless with a top brand such as Timberline with their newly released Shaynna Blaze collection that is intended for people who want to create and add a touch of Californian aesthetic that we as consumers tend to gravitate to for inspiration with their world-famous architecture and interior design. We become the designer, not the consumer, where you have the choice not just in size and colour but the material, finish, pattern, right down to the texture. There’s never been a time with such a vast variety of customisable options for buyers and interior designers as it is right now. Are you one with nature and want to feel the texture of timber, the Parisi Loom collection is a wall-mounted handcrafted selection of vanities with a black walnut finish. I for one prefer this collection, a smoothly crafted piece that has another element to its build rather than the modern approach of covering up the wood. Maybe your style might require a clean refined approach over the rustic-esq handcrafted route. The Turner Hastings Coventry Freestanding range with its grand marble bench-top which is entirely unique in which you’ll never find two tops that are the same. With populations rising as well as housing prices, units are becoming ever more abundant in today’s city environment, which of course limits the space of their room capacity. With that in mind, Timberline’s Theo collection is ideal for smaller spaces but with no loss of contemporary presentation. The best practice to pick the vanity that’ll suit you is to come in-store and examine all your options in material, size and colour, so come on down to Cass Brothers and select what will make your room feel that much more your own.