What is a Rimless Toilet and The Top 5 Brands

What exactly is a Rimless Toilet?

A rimless toilet is a toilet without a rim inside the pan and is the most hygienic choice for your home.  Through the powerful delivery of water and open rim design, maximum cleaning of the inner bowl is achieved whilst preventing water splashing over the edge. This allows the water shoot towards the edge  and around the toilet bowl to efficiently cover all areas, whilst dramatically decreasing the build up of bacteria. 

What are the advantages of a Rimless toilet?


The main advantage of a rimless toilet is that it is a far more hygienic style of toilet. As well as offering you a cleaner rim surface, these toilets are also much easier to clean. This is because the surface is already naturally clean and it doesn’t have a rim to hide extra germs. This is due to the design, by removing the rim makes it easier to clean because there are no hidden spaces.  In standard toilets that rim space is the biggest breeding ground for germs to breed.  As you can see in the diagram below, it can be hard to clean under the rim of a standard toilet as the toilet brush and cleaner do not reach everywhere.

Standard Rim VS Rimless

Water Efficiency

Rimless toilets are more cost effective as they use less water because of the efficiency of the direct flush system.  In standard toilets water travels down the pan.  However in the rimless toilets water is moved in a circular motion, covering more of the toilet pan and therefore using less water and saving you in water usage. 


Rimless toilets are also aesthetically appealing and can be used in any bathroom, matching seamlessly with most decors. Another advantage is that rimless toilets are becoming more affordable and are a great option if you are renovating your existing bathroom or building a new bathroom.


What are some of the brands on the market?

There’s a great range of rimless toilets to choose from with a wide variety of brands, styles and types from wall hung pans that have a concealed cistern, to back to wall toilet suites.  We have selected some of our favourite rimless toilet brands to help you decide on what is right for you. In no particular order; 


1: Villeroy & Boch Subway 2.0 DirectFlush Rimless toilet

Traditional toilets provide an unhealthy breeding ground for germs and bacteria, as well as a space to catch unwanted waste matter. This may happen because it is difficult to clean under the rim of the bowl.

The Villeroy and Boch DirectFlush Rimless toilet can help address some of these problems by providing one less space for bacteria to accumulate In addition, your old toilet doesn’t address the problems of build-up with an effective flushing action.   The innovative DirectFlush technology rinses the entire bowl, using only a very small amount of water.  These Rimless toilets are built with water that directs horizontally, rather than downwards, when flushed, cleaning the surface of the bowl entirely. Refer to the picture below. 

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The Villeroy & Boch Subway 2.0 Direct Flush Rimless flush action

2: Studio Bagno Manhattan Rimless toilet suite and wall faced pan

The Studio Bagno Manhattan Rimless technology features multiple inlets and a full 360° spiral rapid flushing waterway,  which sends water into the bowl in a horizontal direction. This covers the entire surface of the bowl, effectively cleaning it.  Guides or ledges on opposing sides of the inlet are usually built into the bowl to allow for a strategic and supported water flow. 

This system has been rigorously refined to produce a powerful, yet water efficient, (WELS 4 Star Rating) flush. 

Designed in Australia, the Manhattan rimless toilet boasts a crisp contemporary design feel making it a perfect fit for a vast range of bathroom styles.  The one-touch quick release seat, coupled with the removal of the toilet rim, eliminates areas for dirt and grime to build up so cleaning is easier.

At no extra cost, all Studio Bagno toilets come standard  with CleanMax anti-bacterial self cleaning glaze technology, preventing surface dirt accumulation and bacteria breeding.  For more information on these products, click Manhattan wall faced pan or the Manhattan toilet suite: click here.