The Top 5 Luxury Bathroom Brands

Investing in your bathroom can significantly add value to your home. The bathroom is a big deal when shopping for your dream home or reselling your existing home via a renovation. Before purchasing a luxury bathroom product such as a toilet, vanity or shower, it is worth consulting with your interior designer or plumber to check whether the product specifications will be suitable for your bathroom.

Below is a list of 5 luxury Bathroom brands that can be used as a reference point in no particular order and can showcase your property. These bathroom brands are available in our Petersham and Waverley store which can be useful in sparking inspirational ideas. When browsing online, feel free to contact one of the Cass Brothers stores to get assistance from an experienced sales consultants. 

Victoria + Albert

Victoria + Albert is a reputable British Brand with a worldwide presence for creating remarkable basins, washstands and more specifically freestanding baths. A freestanding bath is the pinnacle of luxury as it requires a tremendous amount of space since it's a stand alone feature that can be accessed from all sides. The strong and durable Victoria + Albert baths are made from finely ground volcanic limestone mixed with resin called "QUARRYCAST". Investing in a long lasting Victoria + Albert product may give you a sense of timelessness since its baths and basins can be suitable for a contemporary or vintage bathroom.

The Barcelona and Amalfi collection can offer a Mediterranean feel to your bathroom with an easy to clean White finish. Cass brothers also has available bath fillers also referred as Floor Standing mixers to complement your freestanding bath which can be visually pleasing to the eye.

A freestanding bath is the focal point of your bathroom as it presents you the opportunity to be creative by placing the freestanding bath wherever you like. Like all freestanding baths, a Victoria + Albert freestanding baths can be easily installed compared to a built-in bath because they don't require additional tiling or grouting.


TOTO is a Japanese Brand and is a worldwide leader is providing luxury Bidets. The TOTO Bidet is a revolutionary product where a spray washes and dries your undercarriage. People have described the TOTO Washlet as 'Life Changing', when using it for the first time. TOTO has an "Air-In Wonder Wave" technology that uses air rich water droplets to produce a more comfortable washing sensation and deliver more thorough cleansing with less water consumption.

Here are some reasons why people use a TOTO washlet:

  • There a six different cleansing spray patterns.
  • Adjustable spray wand positioning.
  • The water pressure can be adjusted.
  • The water is pleasantly warm and you don't need to worry about running out of warm water.
  • Automatic open and close lid.
  • Temperature controlled toilets seat.

TOTO bidets are designed to be hygienic with eWATER+ technology. eWATER+ is electrolyzed water which includes Hypochlorous acid well known for clean agent. The premist feature automatically sprays water over the surface of the inner toilet bowl before every use allowing the Hypochlorous acid to efficiently supress dirt. All TOTO products are delivered with an effective deodorizer during and immediately after use to improve the bathroom experience for all dwellers in the household or workplace. 

In conjunction to "Air-In Wonder Wave" and eWATER+ technology TOTO bidets are built to be sustainable for the environment. Not only are you removing the use of toilet paper with the adjustable spray but, you are also saving on energy. The product detects your routine during infrequent use by lowering the seat temperature automatically and completely off when never used.


Timberline is one of the leading manufactures of Australian made vanities, shaving cabinets and tallboys. What makes timberline products special is their versatility by allowing you to customise the vanity based on your space and preferences to match with the rest of your home. A wall hung Timberline vanity is becoming increasingly popular as the vanity is directly attached to the wall and at different heights. The wall hung vanity offers that extra sense of space compared to a freestanding vanity when adding value to your bathroom.

The advantage of all Timberline products is the ability to personalise your vanity with their ultimate selections to create just the look and inspiration you're after. All timberline vanities are moisture resistant and are long-lasting due to the vanity being used by multiple people everyday. 

The Timberline Lisbon is a freestanding vanity which ensures the ultimate modern look of affordable luxury. The benefit of a freestanding vanity is its abundance of storage space. Storage space has become increasingly valuable allowing the user to store bath towels, hand towels, toiletries and beauty care products that can be easily accessible.

Villeroy & Boch

Headquartered in the Saarland region of Germany, Villeroy & Boch is the pinnacle of encompassing Luxury Bathroom products. Villeroy & Boch comes to mind when you think of luxury Bathroomware, such as their showers, toilets and basins.

Villeroy & Boch can offer a blend of luxury, functionality and convenience in their extensive range of products. The O.NOVO style back to Back to wall toilet illustrates a refined look and can be combined with your coloured bathroom. Back to wall toilets are recognisable since the cistern sits above the toilet pan and the whole unit is flushed against the wall. This allows for an easy clean and maintain since the cistern can be easily accessed if there is a need for repairs.

The use of natural materials, such as wood and stone, along with plants allow you to create a positive ambience in your Bathroom. The Memento Single wash basin stands out due to its minimalistic design and can increased the perceived space with its clever placement and effective use of lighting. 

Villeroy & Boch highlight 2 characteristics of a relaxed bathing experience:

  1. Maximum Comfort: Villeroy & Boch offer high quality, durable ceramics and bathroom fitting made from stainless steel for an all rounding refreshing experience. 
  2. Reliable Hygiene: Germs and dirt can easily spread and settle on bathroom surfaces. The German based company has a DirectFlush system that is hygienic as it eliminates the need of a rim.


Parisi has been a major supplier of Bathroomware since the mid 1990’s and have recently added Bathroom furniture to their repertoire. Parisi can present interior designers the opportunity to offer their residential clients an urban feel where luxury and architectural design elements meet in harmony.

Parisi's Italian suppliers are industry leaders in design, innovation and sustainability. Made in state-of-the-art facilities, using components and materials from the world's best. The Parisi Natural stone 58 Marble Wash basin is a solid piece of marble and adds peace of mind with a lengthy and comprehensive warranty. Additionally, the Parisi Natural stone 58 Marble Wash basin is an above counter basin which sits over the top of the vanity unit to maximise under bench storage. Parisi has an array of basin Mixer taps to match the colour palette and physical texture of your basin.  

The Parisi Twenty collection exemplifies the embodiment of sleek and precise styling. With the use of crisp planes, thin walls and a perimeter that elegantly frames the basin tops, combine to present feature pieces that are distinctive while not being bulky. Four configurations are available; full bowl, centre bowl with side shelves, right or left hand bowl with side shelf and double bowl with centre shelf.

To bring things together

There is no one size fits all when it comes to selecting a luxury Bathroom brand for your forever home. One luxury brands could resonate with you more than another depending on your personal tastes and preferences. While other luxury brands may be more aligned with your values such as, environmental sustainability or a strong emphasis on innovation. When in doubt, ask your local bathroom expert at Cass Brothers Petersham or Waverley to do the leg work for you in offering a high quality Luxury bathroom shopping experience from start to finish.