The real cost of buying cheap bathroom-ware

Imitation bathroom products replicate original designer bathroom products at a reduced price. These may seem like a great bargain buy in the short term, but in the long term what will the real costs be for you?

Imitation bathroom products are cheap for one reason - they are inferior bathroom products in every way. From craftsmanship and materials used to the technological innovations employed to make them.

An imitation bathroom product will initially look as good as any proven and trusted bathroom product, however, with the passing of time you will see these cheap, inferior bathroom products potentially warp, bend, crack or mark easily and replacement parts may be impossible to track down.

One area where many people are fooled into buying the cheaper alternative is tapware. But did you know mixers in particular will need to have the cartridge changed at some point in the future. So often people who have bought cheap no name tapware cannot find a replacement cartridge and quite often have to replace the entire tapware fitting. This becomes an extremely costly experience when it is an inwall mixer and you need to remove and replace tiles as well. Not only are you paying for a new tapware fitting and tiles, but also the costs associated with a plumber and tiler. Costing far more than the original saving.

Well respected bathroom brands and manufacturers have been around for a long time and will continue to be so. You might not think this matters now, but what if you need to put to use a product warranty in the future. There is no guarantee cheap and cheerful operators who are importing inferior bathroom products will be around in the future so your warranty may be worthless.

Don't be fooled by cheap inferior bathroom products, they may save you money in the short term but in the long term it will be more expensive as they will need to be replaced.

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