What makes a bathroom hot property?

They're the bathrooms you see showcased in magazines - large and luxurious. Often architecturally designed and lived in by the rich and fabulous. So what exactly makes these bathrooms so coveted?

Space - modern bathrooms are large, spacious areas, often as big as a bedroom. Large bathrooms provide a place to unwind and relax unlike small bathrooms which are poky, cluttered and cramped, which is definitely not conducive to unwinding. The ambience created by a spacious bathroom is opulent and extravagant and definitely on everyone's wish list.

Light - natural bathroom light through the use of floor to ceiling windows and skylights gives the bathroom a fresh organic appeal. There are so many options to choose from glass louvre windows and glass bricks to tinted or frosted windows. Light plays an important part in making a bathroom feel fresh, airy and spacious.

Views - who wouldn't want to be soaking away in their freestanding bath looking out over the ocean, lake or mountains? Bathroom views are rare and a real find in existing real estate. However, if you're about to build a new home it is something you should keep front of mind and discuss with your architect and builder.

Bathroom Fittings - beautiful sculptural bathroom fittings really give your bathroom the wow factor. There are so many amazing options to choose from these days, it's like selecting a piece of art for your bathroom, but instead of hanging it on the wall to look at, it's something you can use and admire at the same time.

Even if your bathroom doesn't tick all these boxes you can incorporate aspects of each to create a beautiful bathroom.