Environmentally friendly bathroom products

Did you know some bathroom manufacturers have developed scientific enhancements, which allow their bathroom products to remain hygienic and clean without the need for you to use harsh bathroom cleaning agents which pollute the environment?

Two such products are WonderGliss from Laufen, and Ceramic Plus from Villeroy & Boch. Both make the care of ceramic bathroom products especially easy. They deprive dirt of a suitable surface to attack. Dirt, lime and other mineral deposits are unable to establish a hold on the smooth bathroom surfaces. Residues run off with water. Bathroom basins, toilets and bidets remain attractive and clean for a particularly long time. Cleaning the bathroom is easy - needing only water and a damp cloth. It's hygienic without the need for aggressive, polluting bathroom cleaners.

Another environmentally friendly bathroom product is Kolder Fusion which is applied to bathroom shower screens. Did you know that glass is porous, so soap scum, shampoo residue and body fats get into the pores of the glass shower screen and when the water dries, all that residue is left behind? That is why you need chemical bathroom shower sprays to get into the pores to get that dirt out. Kolder Fusion closes the pores making the glass shower screens easy to clean and keeps it cleaner for longer. It does not remove the need for cleaning, however it reduces cleaning time. A simple wipe down with a micro fibre cloth is all it takes, thus eliminating the need for abrasive bathroom cleaning agents, which are harmful on the environment.

With so much awareness around the environment and how we have a direct impact on it, it is easy to select bathroom products which can assist you to be more environmentally friendly. By reducing or eliminating the use of caustic and polluting bathroom cleaning agents, you are no longer inhaling or absorbing toxins into your skin and harming your home environment. Nor are there any polluting bathroom agents going down the drain, contaminating our waterways, flora and fauna. Every bit helps.

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