Creating a WET Room

Renovating Your Bathroom

The latest trend in bathroom design is the wet room. The wet room has an open shower area which flows into the rest of the bathroom, giving an illusion of space through their open plan nature. Wet rooms do away with the usual shower screens and make small bathrooms appear larger and big bathrooms look luxurious.

When designing the wet room the whole bathroom will need to be waterproofed and the floor will need to incorporate a slight slope towards the waste outlet. It is essential that shower fittings are positioned away from the bathroom door to ensure the water drains only into the wet room. Ventilation is important as it will allow the bathroom to dry out, you can also install underfloor heating  which will help with this, plus it offers the extra benefit of warmth and comfort. Consider installing a wall hung toilet and wall basin to add to the spacious feeling and free up the floor. When electing your floor covering opt for non slip surfaces.

For the ultimate showering experience select a ceiling mounted shower fitting along with mutli directional body jets fixed to the wall. The effect will be like stepping under a cascading waterfall which relaxes, soothes and awakens the senses. If your wet room is large enough you may also want to consider installing double showers for his and her showering.

A compromise between a wet room and a fully enclosed shower cubicle is the walk in shower, this can also be installed in part of a large bedroom.

Besides the contemporary look a wet room also offers many practical advantages. They are easier to clean since you don't have to worry about shower screens, trays or tracks. They are also the perfect solution for young children, elderly or people wheel chair bound, as the floor is flat with no lips, hobs or trays to get over.

So when you plan your new bathroom, think beyond the typical shower cubicle and open your mind and bathroom to alternative bathroom designs.