Winter Warmers – Heated Towel Rails

Australian homes aren’t exactly built for winter. If you live somewhere that wasn’t built with heating or insulation, getting into and out of your shower might make you feel like you’ve stepped into an iceberg! However, with a heated towel rail, you can enjoy the warming embrace of a freshly heated towel – the perfect winter warmer.

At Cass Brothers in Sydney, we are the industry leaders in bathroom products, and we sell a range of handy heated towel rails and ladders.

Avenir Heated Towel Ladder

Benefits of Heated Towel Rails

There are many benefits to buying a heated towel rail or ladder. Let’s go over a few of them below.

Heated towel rails are essential for drying your towels in the winter. Everybody knows the struggle of leaving your towels on the line for days only to find them still damp. With a heated towel rail, your struggle will be over!

When your tiles are heated and dried, your bathroom will also be more hygienic. There will be less damp breeding grounds for germs and bacteria!

You’ll also find that you’ll save more on water and electricity as you won’t need to clean your towels as much.

Warmth After a Shower

One of the clear perks is definitely being able to wrap yourself in a deliciously warm and inviting towel when you get out of the shower or bath. Many homeowners love heated towel racks because they are a small touch of luxury. They’re the perfect finishing touch for your bathroom that doesn’t cost too much to install.

Types of Rails

There are a few different types of heating rails, but the two most common are Hydronic and Dry Element Rails/Ladders. You can also purchase a Hybrid ladder or rails.

How Does Hydronic Work?

WET element rails are a bit of an older version of the technology. These rails are filled with a fluid that is heated and this then heats the metal. The heated fluid moves in a convection mode, circulating hot fluid around the inside of the rails.

The downside to these is that they take much longer to heat up – close to 90 minutes.

How Do Dry Elements Work?

DET technology allows you to have a warm rail or ladder in 10 to 15 minutes through the use of rapid heating. This also allows you to turn the rail on and off, which saves you costs on electricity. Heating wire is installed inside the tubes of the rail or ladder. When the wires are heated, the rail gets heated directly.

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