Creating a Perfect Outdoor Space

Life is all about connection. Of course, there's work, but it's what we do when we get home that counts. That's where memories, lasting connections and those cherished moments get made. Can you think of anything better than being outside, eating and drinking with your friends, family and loved ones? We can't. 

But making a space to enjoy those moments is truly important.


Let’s find out how to create a perfect outdoor space for entertaining, dining and relaxing.

Outdoor Cooking And Dining 

One way to create a warm and inviting outdoor space is to have somewhere that you can cook and eat. This doesn’t have to be a complete outdoor kitchen, although that may be an option for some. Sometimes a new kitchen sink, kitchen tapware, a simple BBQ and an outdoor furniture set are enough. The idea is that you gather outside, cook together and sit down together all in the same space and enjoy each other’s company.

Blanco Subline Undermount Sink

Install Outdoor Heating 

Why should outdoor entertaining remain limited to the summer months? You should be able to enjoy your backyard all year round. By installing an outdoor electric heater, you can enjoy your exterior whenever you want. There’s something picturesque about gathering around the heater outside in winter, a mug of tea or coffee in hand, and having a conversation with those that you’re close to. 

Consider A Shade Cloth 

Did you know that the Australian sun can burn your skin in just 11 minutes? Protect your skin and your guests by installing a shade cloth above your backyard. If that’s unaffordable or impractical, you could consider a large umbrella or two instead. 

A Sound System 

The perfect event isn’t quite complete unless there’s some music to go with it. You could install a small sound system in your outdoor space or even invest in a small, portable Bluetooth speaker. Just watch the volume or you’ll hear from your neighbours. Better yet, invite them around! 

Install A Mosaic 

This is an aesthetic addition but great to consider, regardless. A tile mosaic is a beautiful way to add a touch of taste and style to your backyard. 

Looking for Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen? 

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