8 Benefits of Filtered Water Taps

A glass of cold, fresh water on a hot day – is there anything more rewarding? Maybe a beer or a cold glass of wine, but nothing is purer than water. 

When it comes to H2o, filtered water may be even better for you. Let’s take a closer look at eight reasons why you need to drink more filtered water, every day. 

1.      Better Taste 

There's absolutely no denying it, filtered water just tastes better. Why? The filtration action removes chlorine and other nasty contaminants from the fluid, which results in a better taste. This way, you enjoy the benefits of fresh, delicious water and you're also able to offer it to your guests. People will experience the difference and want to visit your kitchen again! 

2.      You’ll Save Money 

If you’re used to buying bottle after bottle of water to ensure you get filtered, chilled water then you’ve been wasting money. Although the cost of installing a water filter may seem high, you’ll actually save money in the long run. Say goodbye to visiting the supermarket every time you need some good quality water. 

3.       Reduced Risk Of Cancer 

Chlorine in water is a known carcinogen. Medical experts believe that long-term exposure to this chemical can place you at risk of bowel cancer, colon cancer and bladder cancer. A filter will remove this nasty substance leaving you with safe, smart and enjoyable water.

 4.      Not Just For Drinking! 

Filtered water isn’t just for drinking! You can also use it for cooking. You’ll ensure you’re cooking with nothing but pure H2O.

 5.      It’s Great For The Kids  

If you’ve got kids, then installing a water filter will ensure they get the best start to life. Children have developing immune systems that can get a good, healthy boost via fresh, filtered water

Zip hydrotap G4 Chilled and Boiling Water

 6.      Weight Loss 

Are you carrying a few extra kilos? Experts believe that regularly consuming filtered water (2-3L per day), can help you to lose weight naturally, eliminate toxins in your body and feel lighter and healthier.

 7.      Your Skin Will Thank You 

Did you know that skin dryness is often a sign of mild dehydration? Frequent drinks of filtered water help to keep you hydrated and refreshed and your skin reflects the difference. Your skin will look healthy, vibrant and you’ll just glow!

Glass of water with cucumber slices

 8.       Environmentally Friendly 

For every glass of filtered tap water you drink, that’s a plastic bottle you don’t buy at the shops. This may seem insignificant but if you add all those drinks and days together, you’re actually saving a lot of plastic bottles and doing your part for the environment. This is a simple sustainable solution.

Interested In A Water Filter System? 

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