Why is the Hot Water bathroom Tap always on the Left?

Going Left

When it comes to your hot tap being on the left, it appears that the following historical factors strongly influenced this choice:

  • It’s mostly an international standard that dates back a couple of hundred years ago. Back in the Victorian era, in the UK a law was passed that the hot water tap should be on the left to prevent any confusion for the blind, elderly and disabled. 
  • Most of the population of the world is right-handed; hence the cold tap is on the right. Logically, it was deemed that the hot tap should be on the left.

History Behind The Hot Water Tap

When discussing the position of your hot tap, we cannot overlook its history. After all, history influences so much of what we know and have today.  Aside from the law passed in Victorian Britain, it seems that there was another factor influencing the hot tap’s current position.

During the 19th century when indoor plumbing was first introduced, water was brought into the home by way of a hand pump and this supplied cold water. Considering that the vast majority of people were right-handed, the pump was placed on the right side of the sink. When hot water was later introduced, it made sense then to put this new tap on the opposite side of the cold water tap – the left!

Your Bathroom Tap Options Today

Label image: Phoenix Nostalgia Basin set and Bath set Shepherds Crook

When you walk into your bathroom, one of the first things you notice are the taps. They are a distinguishing feature on the basin, wall or floor.   Tapware has evolved from the three piece tapware to the mixer taps we see today on the market. Our Sydney showrooms are packed with the best tapware and bathroom products on the market. We carry Australian and European designed bath and basin spouts, bathroom mixer tapware, water filter systems, kitchen tapware, thermostatic mixing, three piece tapware and mixer taps. We also have large selection of elegant floor standing bath or basin mixers and bidet mixers on display.  

You might consider the following taps for your bathroom:

Bathroom Three Piece Tapware

Three piece taps

Bathroom Floor Standing Mixers

Bathroom mixer taps

Label image: PHOENIX Vivid Slimline Floor mounted Bath mixer in Matt Black

Bathroom Wall Mixes

Wall mixes

Label image: Gareth Ashton Wall Basin Mixer

Bathroom Bath And Basins Spouts

Label image: Dorf Epic Bloc Progressive Bath mixer and Spout

Bathroom Bidet Mixers

Label image: Newform Ergo Bidet Mixer – Chrome & Red

Kitchen And Laundry Taps

Just like with bathroom taps, your kitchen and laundry taps are also a distinguishing feature in these areas. They serve a critical function to your daily existence.  Just think how many times already this week, if not today, you have turned these taps on.  Consider the following high-quality products for your build or renovation:

Kitchen Sink Mixers With Oull-Out Spray

Sink mixers with pull-out spray

Label image: Gessi sink mixer with pull out spray

Kitchen Sink Mixers

Sink mixers

Label image: Gessi Nero Sink mixer

Kitchen Three Piece Tapware

Three-piece tapware

Label image: Nicolazzi Kitchen sink mixer

Appreciate Your Tapware

As you have seen, our hot water taps play a pivotal role in our daily lives. This is why it’s important to install high-quality, long-lasting and durable products. When it comes to great interior design, it is often the little things that matter most, and nothing says this more than bathroom taps and spouts. Tapware may only be a small part of the elements of a bathroom but they make a huge difference in how the room feels, how it functions and how it looks. Our expert team will be able to assist you with any enquiries you may have about hot and cold water taps, contact us on 9569 5555 or visit one of our Petersham or Waverley showrooms.