Being Smart- A Look at Smart Tap Technology

Types Of Smart Technology For Your Home


Methven, engineered from New Zealand, manufactures expertly crafted tapware, combining leading edge water technology with enduring style.

Some of the features and benefits include:

- ceramic discs
- Thermostatic control
- Evenflo

Label image: Methven Waipori Shower mixer

The Waipori Shower Mixer with Safeflow™ delivers a stable showering temperature protecting your family from accidental scalding. The thermostatic technology instantly regulates the temperature and the precision single level handle allows to incrementally adjust the temperature to restrict the maxiumum hot water temperature.   


The Ceramic discs save water and money and ensure your taps work well and are safe to use.  They are a more durable replacement for conventional washers as they won’t wear out and cause dripping taps.

The Methven Evenflo™ automatically balances the pressure in your shower at all times to ensure a consistent flow and temperature.

Kiri Shower Mixer With Diverter- Brass Plate

Shower mixers with diverters, such as the Kiri Shower Mixer with Diverter, offer state of the art features that allow you to combine everyday luxury with water efficiency.  The push/pull diverter makes it easy to switch between the bath and shower functions

Argent Aqualogic NT

Mixer Tapware that revolutionises the way you use water by combining ozone and water to produce ozone water straight from the tap. It removes chlorine, fluoride from the water and removes odours & kills germs on utensils.


Label image: Aqualogic ozone gooseneck mixer

An ozone treatment is capable of destroying pesticides and chemical residues in wash water and on produce.

For personal health, ozone water is beneficial for healthier looking skin by keeping it free from germs and reducing the incidence of acne. It can also help to improve bacterial skin infections such as eczema and psoriasis. It is also excellent for washing sores, cuts and abrasions to prevent bacterial infection and for teeth cleaning to prevent tooth decay and halitosis. For more information on the Ozone mixers, please click here.

Types Of Smart Technology For Commercial Use

Gentec Smartec Electronic Basin Tap

The Gentec Smartec Electronic Basin Tap offers flexible power solutions such as timing and sensitivity.  This is programmable to conserve water and power usage saving up to 65% over regular taps. Tapware can be tailored to suit the specific needs of a commercial application, such as Health & Aged Care, Disabled & Accessibility, Food Industry & Processing, Shopping Centres, Schools & Universities, Sports & Leisure Centres and Spas & Hotel.

Gentec Smartec Flostop timed flow Tap

The Gentec Flostop Timed Flow Tap is durable and anti-vandal and has a timed tap flow.  It has been designed to withstand heavy use in any commercial application. Complete with fixed integral pressure compensating flow controls, allows the installer to minimise water usage even further.

There are many available brands and distributors of smart taps on the market today.  To ensure that you are buying the highest quality of products from trusted brands.  Contact Cass Brothers today or browse our impressive online range or visit our showrooms today to make your bathroom a haven of convenience.