The Latest Trends in Tapware

Some of the latest trends in bathroom design and renovation seem to be aimed at turning home bathrooms into private spas and wellness retreats, with things like rain showers and natural stone interiors. 

A simple way to transform the look of your bathroom without breaking the bank is by installing new tapware. Fixtures fittings such as taps and mixers will function like jewels in your bathroom, giving the room character – here are some of the hottest tapware trends of 2017 for you to tap into when designing your bathroom.

Beyond The Silver Tap

Sussex Suba Tapware Collection in Matt Gold

The standard look for tapware has been basic stainless steel silver for a long time, but that has been changing fast. Many more colours are available now, with designers showing a strong preference for warm, burnished tones such as brass, copper, rose gold, and bronze. 

However, the star of coloured bathroom taps is the unlikely matte black. This choice creates a bold and sophisticated feel; it is a trend that seems likely to stick around for quite a while. White tapware is also popular, along with the hip and rustic, industrial look of brushed nickel and the sleek sombre tones of gunmetal-grey tapware. These elements can also be combined, to great effect.

All About The Finish 

So far, 2017 has seen the continuation and intensification of trends, leaning towards more natural matte finishes that offer a sophisticated and raw, industrial yet rustic look. A popular way to achieve unique finishes for your bathroom tapware is physical vapour deposition (PVD). PVD is a method of producing thin films and coatings for your tapware, guaranteed to provide durability and sustainability. Layers of colour are usually deposited onto stainless steel to replicate copper and brass looks.

New Frontiers In Texture 

Expect to see all elements of tapware – from base to spout to mixers – breaking out of their ‘smoothness-fits-all’ shell and coming alive with new and exciting textures. Some of the latest tapware from Europe feature dimples running along the surface, similar to a golf ball, while others feature raised bumps. Knurled surfaces are also likely to become more common as the year progresses, along with uniquely textured mixer handles

Summing Up 2017 

So, the colours you should be keeping an eye out for when replacing your bathroom tapware are: 

        • Copper
        • Bronze
        • Brass
        • Matte black
        • Gunmetal Grey
        • Rose gold
        • White

 When it comes to choosing your finishing, try leaving shiny behind and exploring something more raw and industrial, vintage, earthy and warm, or interestingly textured. 

Some of the best brands to get the most interesting new tapware from are: 

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