7 Benefits of Choosing a Rinnai Instant (continuous flow) Hot Water System

Rinnai have been Providing Australians for over 40 years with the comfort, convenience and reliability of Rinnai hot water heaters. Rinnai are committed to ongoing hot water heater innovation including efficiencies to further reduce your energy usage and running costs. With a Rinnai continuous flow hot water system, you’ll be getting hot water on demand at all times!

Rinnai Infinity Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems 7 Main Benefits:

  1. Cost effective, as only heats water when needed. Never runs out of water.
  2. Precise temperature control for safety as each time water tap is turned on water is heated instantly.
  3. Quick connect system for temperature controller cables
  4. Superior 6 stars efficiency across the range of 16-26 units
  5. 12 years heater status exchange warranty
  6. Sleek and compact design, allowing flexibility in installation options
  7. Extensive accessory options are available such as additional water controllers for convenience and safety.

Rinnai Infinity 26 Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System


Creating comfort is a priority at Rinnai, and the Rinnai Infinity hot water systems are equipped with Rinnai Puretemp™ water delivery technology, designed to eliminate fluctuations in water temperature and ensure you have complete control. Imagine consistent, continuous hot water, at the precise temperature that you select at a touch – how convenient! 

The Rinnai Infinity 26 lets you select your temperature, turn the hot tap only and enjoy.

Available Infinity Models: 16, 20, 26, 26I, 26 Smartstart, 26 Touch, 32, Enviro 26, Enviro 32. For more information on our range of Rinnai Gas continuous flow hot water. systems, visit our website: https://www.cassbrothers.com.au/heating-and-cooling/continuous-flow-system/rinnai-gas-continuous-flow

Water Controllers

Enhance your water heater experience.  Rinnai Gas infinity continuous flow can add up to 4 optional water temperature controllers, Eg:  in your Bath, Kitchen, Ensuite, or Laundry, which add precise temperature control for convenience and safety.  Simply set your desired water temperature, turn on the hot tap and enjoy – no more mixing required which helps to conserve water and minimizes temperature fluctuations.

Also, by adding 2 or more water controllers the parts and labour warranty is automatically increased from 3 to 5 years.

The Rinnai Infinity 26 touch continuous flow, is now supplied with a wireless controller to make the step up to wireless temperature control an easy one.

The portability of the wireless controller gives you the flexibility to set your hot water temperature from wherever you are, not just in the bathroom or kitchen. The controller needs no wiring, no messy installation, no holes in your bathroom walls.  



Extensive accessory options are available such as recess boxes, pipe covers, flue diverters, Smartstart and security brackets.

The master controller is usually installed in the kitchen with subsequent bathroom controllers installed as required. Rinnai have 3 ranges available – Universal, Deluxe and Wireless.

Rinnai Smart Recess Box


The Rinnai Smartbox® Recess Box saves space on external walls by concealing your water heater, preserving a neat and tidy finish to the home exterior. The innovative Smartbox® allows you to recess your hot water system to the wall cavity virtually hiding it from view and maintain a sleek appearance to the exterior wall.  And its paintable so you can match the house exterior.

Pipe Covers:

Flue Diverters

Directing the flue gas sideways the Rinnai unit may be installed into areas with restricted ventilation, for example Balconies.

Security Brackets

Keep your investment secure and install a security bracket.

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