How to Pick the Ultimate Bathtub

When it comes to getting clean efficiently, you can’t go past a shower. Sometimes getting clean is simply an excuse to check out of life for two or three hours and relax in the tub. This raises the question, how should you go about finding the perfect tub to relax and unwind, while getting clean as a side effect?

Fortunately, there is a wide range of styles, shapes, and features out there to suit different tastes and budgets, read on to find assistance with navigating your options.

The Bathtub Scene

Different types of bathtubs conjure different moods and suit different bathrooms – and different people. Some styles are bombastic and confident, making a statement as much as providing a service: kingly baths. Others are more modest and functional, minimalist creations pairing unassuming style with easy-to-use features.

Here are the main styles on the market: 

Freestanding Tubs

Kaldewei Meisterstucke Conodue Freestanding bath

Freestanding baths are luxurious and decadent. This style of bath often brings to mind old world comforts, as with the Caroma Cupid, which feels like it could be straight from an old money rural estate. For tradition old world charm, though, you can’t go past a good clawfoot bathtub.

Victoria + Albert Chesire freestanding bath

Built-In Bathtubs

As well as standing their ground out in the open, baths can also be tucked away in corners or alcoves. Built-in baths are generally nestled against the walls and integrated into the bathroom’s overall design scheme.

Kaldewei Cayono built in bath

Island Bathtubs

If you want a tub that is less showy than freestanding models yet not as modest as built-ins, an island bathtub might be for you. These baths are not tiled directly against a wall. Island baths create a statement piece as it still allows you to showcase your tile choice, or use a unique tile to contrast against your floor and wall tiles.

Tub And Shower Combo

Bathtub and shower combinations are a very popular option. They maximise space by incorporating bath and shower into one unit.

Spa Baths

Decina Carina Contour spa bath

When only the purest decadence will do, why not add jets of soothing water to your tub with a spa bath.

Additional Features

Once you’ve decided which style of bathtub suits you, your bathroom, and your budget, there are an array of exciting features that can be added to your tub.

Some of these include:

  • Heaters built into the bath that warm water as it circulates.
  • Foot massage jets mounted on underwater footrests.
  • Micro-bubble jets that will make you relax.
  • Resonant speaker panels attached to the tub to send sound vibrations through the water to your skin. 

The Bathtub Scene

Whatever style you choose, there will be a range of possible materials it could be made from. The construction material you choose – along with any additional features – will impact price quite a bit:

  • Bathtubs can be made from a variety of materials such as steel enamel, stone, volcanic limestone, and the sanitary grade acrylic.
  • Cast iron bathtubs look great and are a mid-range option – they’re very heavy though.
  • Copper bathtubs are absolutely gorgeous, but they are also made from a high-end bathtub material and you should expect to pay top dollar.
  • Organic options – if money is no object, you can get your bath custom made from natural stone or laminated mahogany. Just be sure to choose free standing to best show off that amazing material.
Pietra Bianca Bella Freestanding Bathtub CharcoalPietra Bianca Bella Freestanding Bathtub Charcoal

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