How to Bring Colour into Your Bathroom

White bathrooms can be clean and ethereal but if you want to brighten up a white bathroom then consider these ideas, In fact, there are plenty of ways to tastefully introduce colour themes to your bathroom.

Go Bold With Walls

One good choice is to stick with your traditional white bathroom suite for everything but the walls. Then you can create a great contrast by painting one or more walls in a bold colour – or a subtle one, whatever suits your tastes.

Patterned Tiles

Devon and Devon regal warm grey bath

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Another place where colour is easily brought into a bathroom is the tiles. Find a patterned tile that suits your aesthetic – Moroccan style designs are always a favourite – and turn your bathroom floor into a feature. Consider choosing wall tiles or paint in a colour that complements or echoes one of those in the tiles’ pattern.

Coloured Wall Tiles

Wall tiles are a little more permanent than a paint job, so be careful when choosing a colour. Try getting hold of some colour samples for the colour you’re considering and tack them onto the bathroom wall to see how it looks. Colours that tend to work include turquoise, warm greens, muted greys, and monotones.

Shutters, Blinds, And Curtains

Whether your bathroom features shutters, blinds, or curtains, they offer a great opportunity to bring colour into the room. Paint the window frame in the same colour to really make the windows pop and become features.

Stick-On Stained Glass

Whether you’ve got a beautiful window to show off, a view you’d like to hide or you need more privacy in your bathroom, window film is a great solution. It’s easy to apply and instantly brings colour and class to any bathroom. Just be sure your styles match – an ultra-modern bathroom with stained glass windows might work, but more likely the clash will be too much

Invest In New Tapware

invest in new tapware

If you’re renovating your bathroom and want to add some colourful highlights, investing in new tapware is an ideal two-birds-one-stone solution. People are very used to the same old silver taps in every bathroom. So, choosing tapware finished in rose gold, copper, or matte black will create a really eye-grabbing colour feature.

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Wallpaper Adds Character And Colour

Do you love vintage style? Wallpaper will transform it into a room that’s full of personality. Choose a splash-proof design with a white background and a subtle, pale motif to keep the room light and bright; pick a large motif for a contemporary space or a small one for a more traditional finish.

Hang A Mirror Or Some Paintings

Carefully selecting art for your bathroom walls helps break up the monotony of the room, allowing you to express your personality throughout the space. A large mirror and some paintings or photographs hung over the bath is ideal for creating a feature wall.


Start Selecting Your Colours Now!

If you have a vision and want it to be realised, let us help! We have many years of experience helping people just like you reach their dreams by creating stunning bathrooms full of colour and life.