6 Possible Toilet Options – Which is Right for You?

Renovating your bathroom? That’s the perfect time to think about getting some new bathroom products. Purchasing a new toilet can have many benefits, from increased efficiency and better hygiene to less water usage and nicer aesthetics. But which toilet option is the right one for you? Below, we’ll go over a few different toilet options to help you make a more informed decision about which style you prefer.

Close Coupled Toilets

Caroma Cameo Suite with Orbital Connector

These toilets have a traditional look and are made up of two elements, the pan and the cistern. These two sit on top of each other to make a complete unit, which avoids the need for visible connection pipes. Close coupled toilets are streamlined units that look great and are water efficient, coming in dual flush designs. These toilets are very common and relatively cheap, so they are great for small businesses or households that are trying to stick to a budget.

Back To Wall Toilets

Villeroy & Boch Subway Back to Wall toilet Suite

What sets these toilets apart from others is that the back of the pan flushes completely against the wall. You get a nice, clean look and a modern set-up for your bathroom. You save a lot of space with a back to wall toilet because it is slimmer and more compact. This would be a good idea if your bathroom is a bit on the smaller side and you want to make it appear bigger. These toilets also prevent dust or dirt falling behind and are easier to clean. Don’t forget our Rimless range for a superior flushing system that’s easy to clean.

Floor Mount Toilets

Studio Bagno Nicole Floor Mount Toilet

Ideal for small bathrooms that are trying to save on space, the floor mount toilet sits flush against the wall. It can either be matched with a concealed cistern or a close coupled cistern. These are popular toilets that are incredibly easy to clean as many of them now come in a rimless form. Floor mount toilets often come in a wide variety of designs and they are also very affordable. Cass Brothers offer Floor mount toilet packages you can purchase (includes a pan, in-wall cistern and push plate), making it easy to choose your toilet. Click here to view our Floor mount toilet packages.

Wall Hung Toilets

Parisi Como Wall Hung ToiletParisi La Fontana Wall Hung Toilet white with Black

Wall hung toilets hang perfectly and seamlessly to your wall. They feature an invisible frame, in-wall cistern and buttons or actuators to make a complete and modern unit. These toilets are aesthetically appealing, are great space savers and it’s easy to clean floors as they sit off the ground. You can set them to any height, so they are great for the kids’ bathroom as well. However, if your walls aren’t thick enough, they may not be able to support the tank and carrier system. Please check with your plumber or builder first to see if this is a good option for your bathroom.


Caroma Leda Urinal

Urinals are gaining popularity in the home. No more fights over who did or didn’t put the seat down. With a urinal in your home, men and boys can have an easily cleanable toilet of their own. Of course, if you run a small business, you will find benefits in fitting it out with urinals in the gentlemen’s room.


Parisi Jazz Wall Faced Bidet

Not exactly a toilet, but the Europeans are seriously onto something. A bidet is a great washing station that goes right next to your toilet. It allows you to maintain a constant state of cleanliness and personal hygiene and it is a great option for all homes, families or hotels.

Rimless Toilets

Parisi App Go Clean Rimless Wall Hung Toilet Caroma Urbane Cleanflush ® Benefits

Meet the new innovative technology that’s specially designed to help you clean effortlessly. The elimination of the rim and controlled water discharge with each flush ensures greater hygiene and much greater use than traditional systems. 

After selecting your style of toilet, it is important to choose the correct pan option to suit your “set out” and plumbing requirements.  In Australia, there are normally 4 trap versions of each pan model – S Trap, P Trap, Skew Trap or Universal Trap (can be installed as either an S or P Trap). 

Need some more help deciding on what type of toilet is right for you? Please contact Cass Brothers in Sydney today by calling (02) 9119 1792 or filling out our contact form online.