5 Benefits of Having a Bath

Bath time is certainly not an activity that has to end once you reach showering age. Having a bath is a great thing to incorporate into your daily or weekly routine. There are many physical and mental benefits to having a bath. So if you’re planning on adding a new bathtub to your bathroom, here are a few reasons why you won’t regret it.

1.    Horizontal Positions Help Your Mood

Kaldewei Classic Duo oval Freestanding bath

When you’re horizontal, your body associates your position with relaxation and vulnerability. Add some nice warm water to your surroundings and you are basically mimicking the womb and all the safety and shelter that accompany that notion. A daily bath at the end of the day can really help improve your mood and your optimism. A bath provides optimal bodily comfort, warmth and isolation in a nice relaxed position.

2.    Cleanliness Beyond Showers 

Some people may not like the idea of sitting in bath water. However, a quick rinse off before a bath can help you to achieve a whole new level of cleanliness. Hot baths release steam, which opens up your pores and gives them a chance to be cleaned out of toxins and dirt. It’s a detoxification that will help your skin feel much clearer and refreshed.

3.    Help Relieve Skin Conditions

It is believed that skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema can be alleviated and sometimes cured by medicated or oiled baths. These moisturise your skin and clean away dead cells, which can, in turn, remove the cause of infection.

4.    Relieve Muscle Aches And Pains

A hot bath is the equivalent of a heat pack on your sore and aching muscles. Whether you have sports injuries or arthritis, a nice hot bath can seriously help relieve your pain. Not only are you buoyed and weightless, which takes pressure off your joints, but the heat increases the temperatures of aching muscles and blocks pain sensors to induce pain relief. At the same time, the hot water helps circulate your blood flow, sending more blood to painful areas to help them heal quicker. Adding some bath salts never hurt anyone either. 

After a hard day of sport, athletes are encouraged to take a cold bath after rigorous activity. The cold temperature lowers the levels of lactic acid in your bloodstream, which builds up in your body during exercise. Constricting blood vessels to drain lactic acid will help new blood regenerate and improve your recovery time.

5.    Reduce Cold Symptoms 

If you’re suffering from a cold or a sinus infection, a warm bath can give you the steam you need to help clear up some of the congestion and reduce inflammation. Adding a few essential oils to the mix – like thyme, eucalyptus, peppermint or rosemary – can help ease the congestion and any pain associated with it. 

In addition, if you are suffering from a virus, elevating your body temperature can help parts of your immune system work better to help you fight off infection.

Kaldewei Puro bath

There are many more benefits to having a bath, so why not experience them with your new bathroom renovation? Contact Cass Brothers in Sydney for a quote on any of our spa baths, freestanding baths, built-in tubs or island bathtubs.