Throne Eco King Bidet Toilet Suites


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The Throne Eco King Bidet Toilet Suites. Auto open/ close lid and seat with the combined features of the tornado flushing, there is no substitute for modern luxury.

Throne Eco King is innovative and creative in developing and upgraded culture living around the bathroom.



Siphon water jet, Tornado flushing

Waste is flushed by the use of high pressure jet nozzles, known as Tornado flushing. This system, while extremely efficient uses only a small amount of water with its Siphon water jet technology.

Super water saving toilet

The system features perfect flushing even with low water pressure (1.5kgs/cm2. 20L/min) with a considerable water saving of 3L for a half flush and 4.5L for a full flush.

Hi-tech wireless remote

Auto flush is available by wireless remote control.

Ergonomic seat design

Toilet seat design has been relatively conventional for the past 20 years, but the new Tankless digital toilet introduces an advanced square design with a wider seat. This has been ergonomically designed to meet the comfort needs of our contemporary human body.

Seat sensor

The seat sensor detects when you sit down on the seat and allows the toilet to flush when you leave.

S-Trap / P-Trap Compatible

  • No noise on interlayers.
  • No need to dismantle the floor if water leaks.
  • No need to visit one’s neighbour to repair water leak.
  • Less cost against wall-hung toilet system.

Auto flushing

A small flush of about 3L will be used if the seat is occupied for less than 25 seconds.
A full flush of about 4.5L will be used when the seat is occupied for over 25 seconds. Dual auto flush is available by seat sensor after the user stands up.

Soft Close

The seat and lid close down softly.

Night Light

The LED light is designed to light up the bowl making it easier to use at night.

Heated seat

The seat temperature is adjustable.

1 Pocket 3 Way Nozzle

Posterior wash: cleanses the posterior
Feminine wash: cleanses the vaginal area comfortably with clean aerated water.
Enema wash: sends off a stream of clean water into the rectum to help pass a motion

Warm Air Dryer

Set the air temperature you require and a stream of warm air can assist in drying off.

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