Outdoor Showers, Useful Or Just Luxurious?

Birds are chirping and the sun is just about to set. You have come home after a long day at work. You go outside and all your tiredness just melts away in minutes. How, you ask? You become one with nature under your outdoor shower.

For a while now people have been debating over the usefulness of these showers, whether they are actually needed or just another way for the wealthy to spend their riches.

Traditionally, outdoor showers had two main uses. The first being the classic out of pool/sea rinse shower to let out all the sand & chemicals after a swim. The second, when coming back from sports, camping or a fishing outing and needing to rinse of equipment without using the indoor shower. Sure the usage does vary, as a lot people use the outdoor showers for visitors and pets as well.

But modern day life style has changed and now outdoor showers are no longer just a beach house accessory. They have evolved into this amazing rain shower experience that refreshes your senses and lets you be one with the nature. The modern usage of outdoor showers is more than just to cleanse the outside, instead it is to be out at one with the surroundings and recharge ones senses after long days working in the office.

So what is the answer? Are they useful or a luxury? Well. I would say it’s a ‘useful luxury’. If you have the means I would vote yay for the outdoor shower and well if you are worried about privacy, then you can always have an enclosed outdoor shower with an open top to still let in the fresh air and relaxing nature sounds.

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