How to Achieve Indoor-Outdoor Flow in Your Bathroom

Bring nature’s soothing embrace into one of the most natural places in your home—your bathroom! Indoor-outdoor flow is one of the most important and inspiring design trends that have hit homes for the past few years. Why stop at your living room when you can extend this positive and revitalising energy to a place where you need it the most?

There are many ways to create an indoor-outdoor flow in your bathroom. Check out a few of our ideas below!

Shower Like You Don’t Care Who’s Watching

There are few things in life as liberating as being completely naked and one with nature. By designing your bathroom so that your shower walls are actually around-the-corner windows to the outside world, you can enjoy the thrill of feeling as if you are showering outside. Imagine that there are no walls and go for a frameless shower screen for complete exposure. Add a powerful vertical shower head, like the Dorf Luminous Rain Shower Head, to enhance the satisfying feeling of bathing under a waterfall. Of course, you can always invest in opaque glass if you don’t want the outside world to see in!

Have An Entrance To The Outside World

To create a true indoor-outdoor flow in your bathroom, the outside must be accessible. Try incorporating doors into your design that lead to the backyard, patio or a small, private garden. Make sure the doors are glass and they seamlessly open and close. Throw open the doors when the weather is nice and you want to feel the fresh breeze on your skin as you bathe.

Use An Actual Outdoor Bathroom

If you live somewhere where the weather is nice, why not take advantage by giving yourself an outdoor bathroom? You can create shelter over and around it, perhaps in the natural form of a bamboo fence for privacy. This would give you the opportunity to take an outdoor shower in the privacy of your own home!

Cover An Accent Wall With Plants

Usually, the bathtub is a great centre of attention in a bathroom. Why not enhance this eye-catcher by placing it in front of an accent wall of greenery? Making your own plant wall is a fun and challenging DIY project, and it would make bath time incredibly relaxing and revitalising. Use a freestanding bath for a truly dramatic effect.

If a whole wall dedicated to plant life is too much for you, the introduction of any flora into your bathroom can have a great effect on indoor-outdoor flow. From bouquets of flowers to hanging potted plants and succulents, there are endless opportunities.

Decorate With Natural Stone

Using earthy tones and natural stones, decorate the floors and walls of your bathroom. Add splashes of greenery and plenty of natural light so that you don’t feel suffocated. This way you will feel like you’re exploring through a cave every time you enter the bathroom!

For more ideas on how to make your bathroom one with the outdoors, please get in touch with Cass Brothers today!