5 Types of Bathtubs

Bathtubs come in different shapes, sizes, colours and finishes to accommodate the type of style you're integrating to your home. Before purchasing a bathtub it is worth consulting with your interior designer or plumber to check whether the product specifications will be suitable for your bathroom.

Below is a list of 5 different types of bathtubs that can be used as a reference point in no particular order and can showcase your property. These bathtubs are available in our Petersham and Waverley store which can be useful in sparking inspirational ideas. When browsing online, feel free to contact one of the Cass Brothers stores to get assistance from an experienced sales consultants. 

What is a bathtub?

A bathtub is a container for holding water in which a person may bathe. Some modern bathtubs are made of volcanic limestone, steel enamel, premium sanitary grade acrylic or many more unique materials. Bathtubs are used for multiple reasons such as, improving the overall bathroom experience, therapeutic purposes and can ultimately add value to your property.

According to many sources a bathroom includes a toilet, basin, shower and bathtub. In Australia, some residents don't have enough space for a separate bath and shower, and combine the two gives the best of both worlds with a wall shower or shower on rails.

Freestanding Baths

freestanding bath is the epitome of luxurious living and are stand-alone bathtubs that give you the freedom to install it anywhere in your bathroom. Freestanding baths naturally become the focal point in any space, since they sit directly on the floor without any feet that are usually used for support.

This tremendous bathroom product presents you the opportunity to be creative by placing the freestanding bath wherever you like, resulting in accessing the tub from all four corners. Like all freestanding baths, a Victoria + Albert freestanding baths can be easily installed compared to a built-in bath because they don't require additional tiling or grouting.


The strong and durable Victoria + Albert baths are made from finely ground volcanic limestone mixed with resin called "QUARRYCAST". Investing in a long lasting Victoria + Albert freestanding bath may give you a sense of timelessness since its baths can be suitable for a contemporary or vintage bathroom.

Built In Baths

The built in bath is a timeless addition to the family bathroom due to its affordability and practical design. A built in bath must be installed against a wall or within a pre-made frame built into the wall with tiles covering the edges. This makes a built in bath one of the most adaptable styles of baths available and ideal for everyday use.

There are a couple things to consider when choosing the Built in bath. In a small bathroom, a Built In bath is a practical option as it can be used to bathe or as a bath/shower combo with a wall shower. Conversely, in a large bathroom a Built In bath that is installed in the corner may illustrate a sense of emptiness. 

The Kaldewei Cayono built-in bath has a modern rectangular design with a spacious interior for single bathing. Kaldewei’s stunning steel enamel baths have been a renowned style icon since 1918, and these beautifully crafted products are continuing to become a part of homes worldwide. Kaldewei’s steel enamel combines robust steel and resilient glass to form an inseparable bond combining strength with beauty of each material in perfect symbiosis.

Island Baths

Caroma, a leading bathrooms brand describes an Island bath as sitting on a tiled 'island'. This offers extra room around the bath, perfect for candles, a sitting ledge, or the kids toys. The Island bath is still built-in, except it can be set away from all walls, and offers an edge around the bath rim that is ideal for seating, storage or styling.

When renovating your bathroom, if you you have extra space an Island bathtub can be a luxurious statement. Similar to a Built In Bath, an island bath is also particularly low maintenance and easy to clean. Island baths are usually easy to install and repair due to their lightweight material and sturdy construction.

Good planning is key to maximising your bathroom space by giving the island bath plenty of space by reducing the surrounding clutter or place it under the windows for an eye-catching effect.

Spa Bath

Spa Baths creates a day spa feel in your bathroom, along with hydrotherapy and therapeutic benefits. A spa bath regularly bring you many therapeutic benefits and may drastically increase your well-being. Here are just a couple of reasons why a spa bath is the right choice for you:

  1. Comfort meets function: There is no better way to enjoy a bath than to immerse yourself in a whirlpool of air bubbles created by powerful massage jets.
  2. Relax, relax and relax: Stress and fatigue are problems that many people face today, which can lead to an array of health problems. However, a spa bath can help prevent those from happening.

Decina is a leader in product innovation and trends for the bathroom. Ever since 1989, it has become the largest specialist in Bath, Spa Bath & Shower product manufacturer in Australasia. The Decina Mintori 1790 Freestanding Contour 14 jet spa bath is manufactured from sanitary grade acrylic. The sanitary grade acrylic material ensures for a hygienic and comfortable bathroom experience. Additionally, it is worth checking the warranty length of a bathtub. Fortunately,  Decina offer a long warranty period for peace of mind.

Back to wall Freestanding baths

A back to wall free standing bath is what you want to look out for, if you want the freestanding bath look, but something that sits flush against the wall. These are great for smaller bathrooms, or those who don't want to entertain the thought of cleaning behind the bath. 

The Cassa V-Groove 1500mm Round Back to wall Bathtub offers a ribbed like texture with its V-Groove which is different compared to a flat feel. It goes without saying that the focal point of even a back to wall free standing bath is a gorgeous and luxurious bathtub. Back to wall freestanding bathtubs may take up less space compared to a traditional freestanding bath.

Other factors to Consider

There are multiple factors to consider when shopping for a bathtub, including:

  • Size: With a little advice from our staff, you will be able to enjoy a fantastic bath or spa bath that makes the most of the available space in your bathroom and will give you hours of enjoyment for years to come. In conjunction, the larger the bath the larger the water capacity and vice versa.
  • Colour: White is classic and ever popular, but black creates instant interest and if you fancy black tapware or accessories throughout your bathroom a black bath will create a cohesive look.

To bring things together

Bathtubs come in different shapes, sizes, colours and finishes to accommodate the type of style your integrating to your home. It is a container for holding water in which a person may bathe, but are used for multiple reasons including,  improving the bathroom experience, therapeutic purposes and can add value to your home. 

There is no one size fits all when it comes to selecting a bathtub for your desired bathroom. One bathtub could resonate with you more than another depending on your personal tastes and preferences. When in doubt, ask your local bathroom expert at Cass Brothers Petersham or Waverley to do the leg work for you in offering a high quality Bathtub shopping experience from start to finish.